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Divorce is never an easy subject to deal with. At Hanson & Hanson Law Firm we recommend that you speak to an attorney before you considering getting a divorce. Speaking to an experienced Tulsa Divorce Attorney will help you realize what all of your options are during the divorce process. It can also help you determine the cost of a divorce. At Hanson & Hanson Law firm your first visit is free and is considered a free initial consultation.

We understand how stressful the decision to get a divorce can be and we want to counsel you before you follow through with getting a divorce. If you decide to get a divorce is up to you, but at least after speaking to an attorney you be better informed about what all of your options are.

The Divorce Process In The State of Oklahoma

The first step in the divorce process is to meet with your attorney or seek legal representation. During this first meeting you will be advised about what you need to do regarding your divorce situation and the attorney will discuss their fee structure with you. If you are the person who is filing for the divorce then you will be required to petition the Tulsa County Court with your divorce petition. Your spouse will then have to respond to that petition.

Once these petitions are filed the party's will then have to file with the court how much income each person brings in, as well as all of the assets that they own. This statement will not only include their current income but also include things such as their expenses. This does have to be pretty through income review and we would advise you to bring all of tax filings from the past few years. This part of the process is even more important if you plan on having the Court equally divide up your assets. We advise couples who are getting a divorce to work out as much of this stuff themselves as they possibly can so that the Court does not have to get involved. However, we understand why this cannot always happen.

When there are children involved you need to able to submit a plan to the court with what will happen to each child or children. The things that need to be included will be things such as who plans on having custody of the child or children. Who will be the decision maker? How often will the children see the other parent? How is child support being worked out? Basically a full and complete plan of how the child or children will be raised. Keep in mind it is best if the parents can work this out between themselves. However, if there are disputes then it will be up the Court to determine those disputes.

After the Court has a chance to look through all of this documentation it will issue the divorce. However, before the Court will issue a divorce the court will need to determine any disputes and agree on the terms that the divorcing couple of submitting to the Court. Each individual working through their attorney will need to submit these plans. Once the Court hears the plans and agrees with the plans then and only then will the Court issue the divorce.

If the parties involved has disputes about what will happen with the property or the children and are unable to work out an agreement between the attorneys then a Judge will have the hear about the disagreements in a Court of Law. Each former partner will have an attorney who will represent them before the judge. Once the judge hears the case he or she will then settle any disagreements between the two parties.

Then is why it can be very important to hire a divorce attorney because in some cases it can really make a difference in what can happen to either your future or your children's future.

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