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How Long Does A Divorce Take In Oklahoma?

A divorce normally takes about 10 days in the state of Oklahoma if it is uncontested and if there are no children involved. If there are children involved and it is a contested divorce then you are looking at a period of 10 days to as much as a year. However, the fine average for going through a contested divorce with children is around 90 days. Why 90 days, there is a 90 day waiting period if there are children that are involved.

If there are just two adults deciding to get a divorce you are normally looking at around a 10 day waiting period. You both have to be residences of the state of Oklahoma for at least six months to be able to apply for a divorce in the state of Oklahoma. If you are newcomers to Oklahoma and you have not been living in the state of Oklahoma for six months then you might have to go back to your previous state in order to get a divorce.

When you are filing for a divorce in the state of Oklahoma your court case will be heard in the district Court for the county where you filed for divorce. In our case that would happen to be Tulsa County District Court.

If there are no complicated legal matters involved then there is really no need to hired a Tulsa, Ok divorce attorney when you are filing for a divorce. However, in many cases, there will at least be some need for a Tulsa, Ok divorce attorney.

The cost of an Oklahoma divorce will depend on many factors. If it is a clean and simple divorce you are looking at less than $500. However, if the divorce case is contested and there is a need for a divorce attorney to be consistently involved then you could be looking at several thousand dollars, if not more depending on how complicated the case is.

When speaking to a divorce attorney you need to be sure to ask them how much their hourly rates are for handling a divorce. After asking their hourly rates you can then ask them to estimate the cost of your divorce. Keep in mind that this estimate is just an estimate but in most cases, the estimate is going to be very accurate.

Hiring a divorce attorney is typically a good move when you are seeking a divorce. It will protect your legally if anything comes out in your divorce case that you did not foresee coming out. Hiring a divorce attorney could also save you a lot of trouble of dealing with things such as divorce paperwork and other things you had not planned on spending hours upon hours on.

If you have any questions about hiring a divorce attorney then we would advise you to contact us at Hanson & Hanson Law firm at (918) 409-0634.

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